Hello! My name is Joe, and I am the content creator of Popcorn Guzzler. My main purpose is to create independent movie reviews. Why independent? This is because I want to stay as unbiased as physically possible, and giving my honest opinion to the viewers of my content is something which I value dearly. I also provide current affairs in the world of cinema to my fans and readers, as well as other discussion topics. As a quick insight to me, I am a second year university student who has a love of movies. I don’t like to attach a label to myself such as a “critic”, as I just prefer to be an enthusiast of films. Here are a few things you should know about this page:

  1. All thoughts are expressed independently. I hold no ties with any studio, company or organisation.
  2. All movies I review are given a rating 1-10 specific to that genre the film is attached to. For example, a horror movie and an action movie may both be given a 7/10, but that does not mean I believe they are of the same quality. Insidious and Pulp Fiction are both great films respective to their genre, however Pulp Fiction is a far better film overall.
  3. This is a personal blog, and I am not a paid critic. I will stick to facts, but I wont be afraid to express how a certain movie made me feel. Viewing a movie is a personal experience.

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Thank you for any support, and welcome to Popcorn Guzzler!